Our mission is to create confidence, focus and a habit of discipline to provide a child with choices rather than reactions.  We strive to create a compassionate environment that propels the potential inside every individual.

Goals and benefits

  • Flexibility in mind and body
  • Strength; understanding one’s own power and how to use it to lift others up rather than push them down
  • Confidence; the ability to face challenges by honing will power fueled by compassion
  • Coordination both kinesthetically and within a group
  • Discipline; the habit of adjusting to adversity
  • Non-conflict resolution; understanding reactive tendancies, awareness/tools to regulate fight or flight response
  • Focus; how to be present and regulate distraction



Enshin mean “heart of the circle” in Japanese.  It is a highly evovled style of martial arts that strives to “listen” to the hearts of other people; working with their energy rather than fighting it.  Over 40 years ago Kancho Joko Ninomiya left fame in Japan to bring authentic karate to Denver.  Considered in Japan as a martial arts genius, he set out as a pioneer to Denver where he started classes in the park and eventually grew a worldwide following.  From our Denver headquarters, there are now 90 schools throughout throughout the world.  He is still actively involved in teaching and running seminars in the US and abroad.

In 2015 Kancho Joko has passed his responsibilities to his son Mike who runs the enrichment program.  This program is so important to Mike as he grew up with martial arts and implemented its benefits first hand.  As a boy, Mike struggled in school with hyperactivity and challenges in focus. With steadiness the lessons on the mat eventually carried over to every facet of his life, Mike graduated from CU Boulder’s engineering program and has also used the deeper aspects of energetics to deepen his self awareness and health.