Meet Directors

5_largeDiana Ninomiya

Brings the amazing balance of compassion and discipline to the practice of Enshin Karate.  This comes from many years of training in martial arts where she has taught people of all ages awareness in mind body focus.  Throughout her career, she has volunteered and taught many non profit organizations self defense and empowerment/awareness for numerous under-served populations in the Denver metro area. In this realm she has demonstrated a unique gift as an empath and healer; knowing intuitively the best way to let the imbalance dissolve itself through the practice.

mikeMitsuyuki “Mike” Ninomiya

Has made mind-body discipline his life for over 30 years… having taught martial arts and meditation internationally to people ages two to ninety-four years old! A retired four-time world martial arts champion, Mike believes in the power of martial arts to awaken self awareness. ”As a teacher my aim is to establish a strong connection in heart so that our inner light is spread radiantly.” His classes are vibrant, uplifting and in the moment. Mike is also involved in West African drum/dance and the national chess circuit. He also enjoys surfing and creating art.