Application deadline is January 28, 2017 (all items must be in by that date)


Applicants must sent application fee and passport picture together ( if they have not participated in Sabaki challenge they MUST send a video). If an application is sent without one of these things then the application will not be accepted.

Children applying must send a passport picture as well as a photo with them standing by a measuring tape.


Please select your weight division


When we receive your application, we will contact you regarding the following other items needed for a complete application
* medical certificate
* proof of insurance
* $100 usd registration fee and $25 usd for Juniors
* passport sized photo
* if you have not been in the Sabaki Challenge in the last three years must send a 5 minute video clip of him/herself in action: bag training, pad work, sparring. Kata will not fulfill this requirement.”