Access to live video support with or without your partner on the techniques covered throughout the course. Fuku Kancho Mike will give feedback directly to you in a digestable and straightforward way.

Solid Curriculum

The curriculum is well documented with structural and positional alignments with video support offering details that go above and beyond. Fuku Kancho Mike has an incredible depth of knowledge that spans deep into the energetics behind martial arts as well as practicality. A unique connection that bridges internal and external martial arts.

Worldwide network

Our courses connect a worldwide community of like minded martial artists. While their interest may range from health/longevity, heightened awareness to combat ready. They share a passion for self study in a challenging yet highly supported environment.

our working processin 3 steps

core curriculum

The core curriculum will be realeased on a weekly basis that involves self training, partner work, bag work and conditioning. This core curriculum highly focuses on pre recorded video as the media of choice.


This curriculum will give you what you put into it. Martial arts is about practice and to go deeper in the core sessions, knowledge is progressive and cumulative.

live feedback

Live feedback is what makes this academy so powerful! One can understand the core curriculum and practice, but if you plant a watermelon seed and mistakenly think its a apple; with care and effort you get a watermelon. Feedback here is supportive and brings you to your fullest potential with support so you get the desired result.